Pics and Progression Notes: 21 - 24 Weeks

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 11:40 AM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama


Week 21: I am officially past the halfway mark in this pregnancy! Things are starting to set in a little now in my mind - this is really happening! Ahhh!!

I am somewhat the opposite of a pack rat. I hate clutter, so if something doesn't have a "home" or storage space or if we haven't used it lately or won't use it anytime soon, it gets thrown out or given away. That being said, of course we have NOTHING left of Riley's or Noah's from when they were babies. Well, I think we still have Noah's pack and play, but that's it. I'm not too worried about it - we have time to get things done and it will be fun starting over! And if it doesn't get done, oh well! Things always seems to fall into place when it needs to, I'm not going to stress over it :)

I have been able to feel babygirl moving around since about 17 weeks, but late last night as I was laying there, watching my belly, I realized she is big enough now for everyone else to see and feel the movements! What an amazing show to watch - it never gets old :)

I have been really mindful of what I have been eating lately. I feel like my stomach is an endless, insatiable, monstrosity of an abyss lately. So, basically, I could literally eat all day and never feel full. This is why I have to make a conscious decision with every single bite that I am eating as healthy and as nutrient dense as possible. I definitely want only the best for this little one, and I sure as heck don't want to have to lose 1,000 lbs after she is born :)


22 Weeks: Carrying a baby can be killer for your back. Carrying a baby low is just torture lol. Not only does it do terrible things to your back, but it also does quite a number on your pelvic region. There are some days where it hurts to even just stand up. I am hoping she moves her way up a little as time goes on and as she gets bigger. But until then, I ordered this pregnancy support band that should be arriving this week, so we will see how that works! I'm also incorporating a little yoga into my routine, and I think that will also help :)

The pregnancy band seems to be actually helping! Pretty comfy to wear and I can definitely feel the difference, especially in my back - yay!

Starting to narrow down the names for babygirl!! Very Exciting :)

(this week flew by and I forgot to take a picture!)

23 Weeks: I think babygirl is finally starting to move up a little! A LOT less pressure down low, and the pregnancy band that I wear during the day has been helping :) The only downside is that I can feel more pressure on my lungs now, so I am becoming much more breathless these days.

24 Weeks: It's hard to believe how fast this pregnancy has been going! Only 16 weeks left!

Still feeling good, just feeling fat lol. Huffing and puffing all over the place :) I need to get to the gym - the sad part is, my husband manages one and I haven't been there to work out yet lol!

Had a prenatal appointment this week. Everything is going great! Glucose screening will be in the next couple of weeks.

Really looking forward to some cooler weather (hopefully soon!). It is already into the first week of September and still 95+ degrees outside! Come on Fall weather!

(Again, no photo - oops!)