Progression Pics and Notes: 37 - 40 Weeks

Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:40 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama

37 Weeks: Where in the world did this week go? It literally flew by! Had a couple of appointments - 1 NST and 1 dilation check (2cm yay!).

38 Weeks: This is the final countdown! If I don't go into labor this week/weekend on my own, then I'll be induced next week on my mom's birthday!!

Had my weekly NST, everything looks good. I'm at 2.5 cm and the doctor did a very "aggressive" exam in hopes of possibly encouraging labor to start naturally. We will see! Either way, she will be here next week!! Eeeeeek!

39 Weeks: Induction Day!!! Well, she didn't come on her own, so time for the induction! It went great! I was able to get an epidural early, and I must say it was absolutely glorious lol! Got to the hospital at 6:30am, started the pitocin around 8am, epidural around 9am, the doctor came to break my water by 9:30am, and little miss Emily  Noel was born at 12:15pm! Super quick and amazing delivery! Thank you God!

The night before induction day - 39 weeks :)

And here she is! Emily Noel, 7lbs, 8oz :)

Hanging with the hubs after Emily was born :)

And one of my favorite pictures, the kids meeting their baby sister :)

Thank you for following me on my pregnancy journey!! It's been an amazing experience :)

~ Jessica

Progression Notes and Pics: 33 - 36 Weeks

Monday, December 3, 2012 4:24 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama

33 Weeks: This week I am really starting to feel the pregnancy lol. Very breathless and I can feel babygirl getting bigger and more cramped. I am still walking with my mom in the mornings which helps tremendously! I can really feel a difference if we happen to skip a couple of days or so of walking!

Starting to get more anxious about the delivery. Not necessarily nervous, just getting more and more ready for it to happen haha.

Had a prenatal appointment this week. Although my glucose numbers looks ok, I am now taking Glyburide at night to help lower my fasting blood sugar.

I also found out that unless I have babygirl in the next 5 weeks, I will be induced at 39 weeks. Definitely not what I wanted to hear, but I have to trust that God is in control and knows my situation and my heart and I will accept whatever the outcome may happen to be.

34 Weeks: This week I can feel a difference in the positioning of babygirl. She has been moving down and feels like she is in a definite head down position - locked and loaded lol :)


35 Weeks: This week has been very slow going. BUT, my baby shower is this week so that is very exciting!

Babygirl has for sure dropped this week. I can barely walk most days due to the pelvic pressure and pain and my back is more wrecked than ever before. Heating pad seems to really help, but of course is very temporary. 

Dr appointment next week! She will be checking me for dilation and I will have a non-stress test to make sure everything is going well with the baby's oxygen levels and such. Excited to see if there is any progression :)

I had my baby shower! So much fun with family and friends! Here's me and the hubs, he's measuring my belly for a game :)

36 Weeks: This week flew by! Going to the doctor twice a week  now - once for NST's and once for regular check ups. I am 1 cm dilated this week and baby is confirmed head down :)