Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event and Blog Hop!

Sunday, April 22, 2012 12:04 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama
First of all, I am so excited to be a part of this phenomenal event!! This is my first year blogging, and I have been having so much fun getting to know other bloggers and connecting with all kinds of awesome people and companies! What a wonderful experience!

Ok, back to the giveaway event ;) 

Mother's Day is almost here and we are celebrating with our love for cloth diapers!
Welcome to the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Daily Mothering! Nearly 100 blogs have linked up to bring you dozens and dozens of exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter my giveaway below and then hop to the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post to enter their fluffy giveaways too! Each blog has a cloth diaper prize valued at $15 or more, and many blogs have prize packs worth over $100. And, don't forget to enter the GRAND PRIZE giveaway at Daily Mothering for your chance to win this amazing $1300 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack!

I am so super excited to be hosting a giveaway as part of this event! I have some really awesome sponsors that have offered some of their amazing products for this event, including Greenie Beanie BottomsLovely FluffMandi's MenagerieHipster FluffKitty's Top2Bottom Diapers n' More, Nature's Keyes, and Scarlet's Naturals. These companies have been such a pleasure to work with. I will be giving away an awesome Cloth Diaper Package from these sponsors, valued at nearly $150! The package will include these products:

Greenie Beanie Bottoms is a wonderful Economical and Earth-Friendly company, offering many different brands for all your cloth diapering needs.
Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diapers -SALE!Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diapers -SALE!
  • 1 One Size AI2 Diaper with a 5 pack of matching Flannel/Cotton Velour Wipes from Lovely Fluff (winner will receive this exact set) - valued at a total of $32!
Lovely Fluff is a mama owned and operated, home-based business. Offering custom, hand-made, quality baby and mama cloth.

Mandi's Menagerie is a mama owned and operated business, offering beautiful, one-of-a-kind, quality, hand-made diapers and more! 
  • 1 custom fitted or AI2 diaper (winner's choice) from Hipster Fluff - valued between $22-$25!
Hipster Fluff is a mama owned and operated company, with focus on super cute, comfy, and quality AI2 and Fitted Diapers for your little ones :)

Kitty's Top2Botton Diapers n' More is your cloth diaper specialist. A wonderful, home based business, offering a variety of cloth related products. Including wet bags, diapers, dryer balls, mama cloth, nursing pads, and many other personalized and custom items.

  • 1 custom wet bag (winner will choose fabric) from Nature's Keyes. Will up to 5-6 diapers! - valued at $15!
Nature's Keyes is a home-based business, offering a variety of handmade products for mom and baby. Including diapers, trainers, swim pants, wipes, pads, nursing covers, baby slings, blankets, rice heating pads, mama cloth, and more!

My Posh Nest is the home of the Sweet Cheeks Laundry natural product line. At Sweet Cheeks Laundry, "everything is made with love by a stay-at-home mom". 
Sweet Lil Soap Bits - Natural Cloth Wipe Solution - Choose your scent

  • An amazing gift set from Scarlet's Naturals, which includes a 2oz Honey Wash, 2oz Honey Lotion, a full sized order of Hiney Honey Bites and a full sized Hiney Honey Cream! (See my review of the Hiney Honey Cream here.) (winner will choose Lavender, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, or unscented) - Valued at $22.00!
Scarlet’s Naturals is an all natural line of baby products that are gentle for kids with sensitive skin, and cloth diaper safe. They believe in using simple, natural ingredients that are safe for delicate skin. They use natural local ingredients when possible, including using the hives from their own backyard! 

So that's 5 diapers, 2 wet bags, a set of 5 wipes, 1 set of 28 soap bits, and a 4 product gift set!!!!

Look for a couple of Fluffy Sponsor Spotlight product reviews from me during the week!

I've made quick and easy entries for you!
Good luck, have fun, and don't forget to hop to the other blogs to enter their giveaways! You can see all of the participating blogs below the Rafflecopter entry form :)

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193 Response to "Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event and Blog Hop!"

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I'll be spending mothers day with my hubby and his mom. :)

  2. Rebecca A Says:

    I would love to spend Mother's day with my husband, daughter, and parents!

  3. Attila & Tamara Says:

    With my family! Hopefully, not cooking or cleaning!

  4. Just a Girl Says:

    in the wine country with the etire family!

  5. Chelsea Preston Says:

    Going to church with my momma and baby girl then out to eat. After that we will probably just spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying each others company at her house . The best present I will get is know that in 4 weeks from then I will be having my second baby girl. I cant wait to meet her :) <3 <3 <3

  6. Taryn Lubrano Says:

    Ill be spending it with just me and my son. Hubby has to work :(

  7. Melissa Says:

    With my husband, and our little one still baking. :)

  8. christine bailey Says:

    Going to church and out to eat with my parents, grandmother and aunts and uncles. And of course my family! :)

  9. 7kidsandcounting Says:

    I am going ot go to church, then hopefully my hubby will take me and the kids out to lunch :-) I will of course call my mom, mom-in-law and step mom-in-law.

  10. IndyaF Says:

    church then lunch with my hubby and daughter

  11. Jackie L Says:

    Mother's Day with family :)

  12. Abby M Says:

    I'll be spending this Mother's Day with my wonderful family, this will be my first Mother's Day :)

  13. Kenna Rose Says:

    Going to church then having a huge family get together with the in-laws with family from out of town.

  14. Sam Buck Says:

    I'll be spending mother's day with my mom, for the first time in a few years!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    with my hubby and my kids. hubby is getting my hair, nails done and a massage.

  16. Natty Perez Says:

    I haven't been to the dentist in over a decade because I'm scared to death of the dentist. On May 11th my birthday I'm going to the dentist. I've been thinking a lot about this & I have no memories of me & my children because I hate to smile for the camera. For mother's day I'll have a new smile & I will spend it taking some pictures with my children & husband. I'm going to be building memories again.

  17. Heather M Says:

    At home. Just my 2 kiddos and Fiancee is enough
    hmahan_0529@yahoo dot com

  18. m Says:

    Watching my eldest take her first holy communion

  19. Logans momma Says:

    I'm taking a class at a scrapbook store with my mom and sister (who is a new mom), we're leaving the kiddos with the hubby's for a couple hours and not doing anything but crafting and laughing and having fun with our mom :)

  20. Julie G. Says:

    We will spend mothers day with my mom and her mom... 3 generations of moms! :)

  21. Kristi Says:

    Sleeping as late as my husband will let me.

  22. SaraMomofmany Says:

    I'm not sure how I will spend Mother's Day. If my kids are done with the chicken pox by then, I'm hoping to get to my Grandparent's house...the guys usually grill and we have a potluck.

  23. Robin Says:

    I have no idea. Maybe going out to lunch? lol. Honestly we usually don't make a huge thing of these kind of days and my own mom lives across the us from me so...
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. BNessen Says:

    spending it with the people I love the most, my husband and my two children! May have the in laws over too!

  25. blue racer Says:

    church, then probably dinner with my family at parent's house.

  26. Charis's Mum Says:

    My family and I will go to church, but other than that we don't have specific plans.

  27. NeKisha Says:

    There may be a surprise in the works for Mother's Day, otherwise I will spend it at home with my children and husband, if he has the day off :)

  28. Sharon Says:

    Most likely will spend it at home with my three year old and Hubs. I am 32 weeks pregnant but still a good chance that, if it is pretty out, we may for on a day hike :)

  29. Beth R Says:

    I have no idea yet, but we have talked about going out for a picnic and just relaxing together
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  30. Rhe Christine Says:

    Hubbs is in the military and this year I think he's gone :(

  31. Therese Hart Says:

    Not sure how I'll spend mother's day, but I'm sure it won't be relaxing. It will probably involve church and then driving all over town to visit my mother-in-law & mother.

  32. Amy V Says:

    i will be going to church and then going to brunch w/ my husband, children and my extended family.

  33. Erica Lee Says:

    I will be spending mothers day with my boys :-)

  34. jenny Says:

    we will be going to familys house for mothers day

  35. Charlotte Says:

    With my hubby and our two lids :-)

  36. Mae Says:

    with my dog.. call my mom and in-law. then facetime with my hubby at night <3

  37. Lexi Conklin Says:

    ill be spending mothers day with my little one!

  38. Fiddlin' Dandi Says:

    I'll be spending it at my sister's graduation!

  39. Megan Lloyd Says:

    I'll be spending it with my two fav boys: my hubby and son

  40. Caelan Cash Says:

    It's my first mother's day! I can't wait to see what my husband has planned :)

  41. Lisa Says:

    Concert with my husband!

  42. Baby Gates Says:

    we are going to a fancy brunch and then my baby will visit grandmas house for the first time! (dellesmera at yahoo dot com)

  43. Michelle hodenius hill Says:

    Thank you for making the entry form easy! Would love to win the diapers

  44. Michelle hodenius hill Says:

    This is my first mothers day! No clue what we will do but I will be with my family.

  45. Michelle R Says:

    I'll be spending mothers day enjoying being pregnant

  46. Parenting Patch Says:

    I will be spending my first Mother's Day with my husband and my daughter.

  47. Aimee Says:

    i will be spending my mother's day with my 2 boys

  48. Nikki Says:

    Hmmm, not sure exactly. But probably church and then the day with family... now how much family, that's an unknown :)

  49. The Daughertys Says:

    I will be spending it with my family, including (hopefully) my newest little one we're expecting any day ^.^

  50. Jessica Says:

    I will be spending Mother's Day with my daughter and my husband
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  51. Jessica Says:

    I will be spending Mother's Day with my daughter and son, husband has to work and my mom lives 5 hours away :( but my aunt and grandmother might be able to visit and I'll have my sweet babies :)
    jesserin8 at yahoo dot com

  52. Knocked Up and Nursing Says:

    i would like to spend my mothers day sleeping in, having a hot cup of tea and enjoy my happy family

  53. Ashlee Says:

    This will be my first Mother's Day actually being a mother. Last year I was pregnant. I will be spending the day with my husband and our baby girl. Going to church, maybe a nap, dinner that I don't have to make or clean up, chocolate chip cookies. mmmmm yummy. Phone calls to my moms and grandmas.

  54. Kerry Says:

    I'm spending Mother's Day at home with my beautiful family

  55. coleycoupons Says:

    hopefully we will be relaxing and getting ready for the arrival of no 2!

  56. Racheal Says:

    my hubby will be working so it will just be me and the kiddos :)

  57. Anonymous Says:

    This is my first Mother's Day as a idea what we'll be doing!

  58. ellen Says:

    moving to our new apartment! we'll have a date night later that week - we're going out for dinner and then to a concert!

  59. Andrea Kruse Says:

    I will spend it with my family and in-laws for brunch in the morning.

  60. MissMannah Says:

    I will be spending Mother's Day with my own mother. :)

  61. Danielle Says:

    Not sure yet what we will be doing for Mother's Day. I am hoping it will involve sleeping in!

  62. Anonymous Says:

    hopefully sleeping in! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  63. Says:

    This is my first mother's day - but my baby is still in the womb. I'll be 36 weeks and if things continue the way they are now, I probably won't really be feeling up to anything. So I'll be relaxing at home with my husband :)

  64. Emily Says:

    Mother's day is also my 26th birthday, so I will be spending it celebrating with my two children and the rest of my family :)

  65. ashley c. Says:

    With my parents, We get to break the news that we are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Calibee Says:

    going to a mariners game with my older son

  67. MrsKucz Says:

    I will be spending mothers day at work:(

  68. Linda Says:

    This is my first Mother's Day and so far we don't have any plans. But we'll probably go out for brunch and then head to the beach, yay!

  69. Tummy 2 Bummy Says:

    It will be my first Mother's Day! We are doing brunch with family and then spending the day together. :)

  70. Tummy 2 Bummy Says:

    ^^^^ This is Nicole L (Tummy2Bummy above) There was no place to put my real name :)

  71. Julie Says:

    I will be spending mother's day with my new son and my hubby! It will be my first mother's day as a mom!

  72. JLJMommy Says:

    My hubby is deployed, so I will be spending Mother's Day at church and then at home with my 3 boys.

  73. Teresha@Marlie and Me Says:

    I hope to be spending a large chunk of it in bed reading and catching up on sleep

  74. Anonymous Says:

    I wish to be spending mothers day sleeping in and then going to the beach!

    habcharlene at gmail

    -Charlene H.

  75. AshBoh4 Says:

    My husband's out of town for work:( so Mother's Day will be spent with my daughter, my mom and mother in law. We'll be going to the zoo & having a picnic.

  76. Lynn Says:

    I don't know yet! It's a surprise! (Dan L.)

  77. melissa Says:

    Relaxing with my husband, new baby and 4 older children. <3

  78. Becky Says:

    This is my very first mother's day! I will be having brunch with my mother, and three sistes, grandma, etc, celebrating me and my twin's birthday! It will be wonderful!

  79. Kris Says:

    with my mom

  80. CJ Says:

    I'll be spending mother's day with my hubby and 2 kids :)

  81. Megan Says:

    with my baby girl and hopefully my grandmother :)

  82. Ashley Suzanne Says:

    With my MOMMY!

  83. Ashley Says:

    I'm not sure, I'm hoping to sleep in that weekend and go to Mass, have a nice breakfast. :)

  84. jengardner Says:

    hanging with my twinsies and hopefully getting to sleep in!!

  85. Love{&}Bugs Says:

    I will be spending mother's day working

  86. MommyFerg02 Says:

    My son(5 months) is being dedicated at church on Mother's Day! And then we will probably go out to lunch with and enjoy the day together. (Michelle Ferguson)

  87. Samantha C. Says:

    i am spending mothers day with my family not sure what we will be doing yet though

  88. carolaontour Says:

    I'll hopefully sleep in a little (if my little bug lets me), go to church, and spend the day with her and my husband. I'll also call my Mom and just enjoy some quality time with the family!

  89. Kimberly Higgins Says:

    I will be taking my baby to grammas house to have lunch with her, then a walk to the park for some quiet time in the grass =]

  90. Cerena Lynn Says:

    What a wonderful give away! :) I will be spending my 1st Mother's Day with my husband prepping for baby! :) What a great first Mother's Day!

  91. rachpg Says:

    the men in my family will be taking care of everything. so the women really dont know whats we are going to be doing except that we will all be together! yay

  92. nica Says:

    I will be spending Mother's Day by having dinner with my family.

  93. Rachel Says:

    I will be spending my first Mother's Day with my LO and my husband. Probably try to have a nice dinner between her feedings.

  94. Daily Mothering Says:

    Hopefully sleeping in! LOL!

  95. Rachel & Jamon Clark Says:

    I will spending it with my adorable family.

  96. LeettleBaby Says:

    Alone with my husband flies out early in the morning for a week long sale trip :-(

  97. Jessie Murray Says:

    We're spending Mother's Day/hubby's birthday at the beach!

  98. BabyRoadlander Says:

    I will be spending it at home. Doing nothing. Maybe I will clean my closet out.

    -Justice Montgomery

  99. NedraM Says:

    We have no special plans for Mother's Day. I have a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. We don't normally do anything real special but that's most because of finance. I don't mind since the trade off is that I get to be a SAHM. :D

  100. Sarah H Says:

    Im spending mother days more than likely at home with my husband and DD, we might go over to his parents, probably not though...

  101. Rebecca Smith Says:

    I'm spending it with my two girls! Maybe the zoo or the park.. nothing huge, but definitely the way it should be!

  102. Felicia R Says:

    We'll be spending all of it as a family, probably doing normal stuff like playing outside. I'm hoping my H will make a nice breakfast and cook dinner!

  103. Jesi ( Says:

    I will be spending it with my 2 little boys and husband. Just hanging out together.

  104. Alicia Sherrill Says:

    We have a fun weekend plan - family graduation party on Saturday and church with my husband, daughter, and son on Sunday.

  105. Jenna Jones Says:

    Sleeping is how i will be spending mine!

  106. Stacy Says:

    I'll be hanging out with family.

  107. Darien Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's day with my husband packing up our house as we just sold it!

  108. Darien Says:

    I will be spending Mother's day with my husband as we pack up our house!

  109. ~Kelly Says:

    I will be visiting my mother and mil.

  110. Amy Says:

    We will be having dinner with my in-laws on Mother's Day Eve. No real plans for Mother's Day itself.

  111. Maria Ivey Says:

    Will go to church in the morning and then lunch with my husband and two girls. Hopefully a nap in the afternoon. That would be great!

  112. Shannon Says:

    I will be spending the day with my entire family and all of us mamas and the kiddos since john will be working out of state.

  113. Mary D Says:

    Hmmm...I don't have any plans for Mother's Day. I hope my husband does! ;-)

  114. Erianna Says:

    Some time relaxing, some time with family and I told hubby I want a pedicure for Mother's Day :D

  115. Kari Says:

    I will be spending it enjoying a beautiful day with my family and my precious daughter!

  116. Carrie Says:

    I haven't made plans for Mother's Day yet. Hopefully, I will be able to do like last year and spend a beautiful afternoon at the Lake with my husband and daughter after church!

  117. Alisha L. Says:

    I'll be hopefully spending it with my son and husband..Hoping a nice dinner, Red Lobster maybe :) Yumm

  118. Jessica K. Says:

    My husband works Sundays, so I will be going to Church and then spending the day relaxing at home with our daughter.

  119. Janelle Says:

    I'll be spending mother's day visiting my Mom and my husbands Mom and enjoying being a mother too!

  120. Amanda Boerst Says:

    My husband is staying home with our 13 month old son so I can go out and have some me time :o)

    serenityspeaks at ymail dot com

  121. Denee M. Says:

    For mothers day I think we are just going to stay home and relax or go to the pool and dinner later, we haven't really decided. Looking forward to it as it is my first mothers day being a mom!

  122. Beth Says:

    I'm not sure what we'll be doing on Mother's Day, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what my husband has planned. He's very good at this sort of thing, and he likes to surprise me.

  123. Mike and Audrey Says:

    I tried to convince my husband that mothers day was the whole weekend, but he says its just Sunday. So he will be cooking me dutch oven dinner, yum! And I get to spend it with my 2 children!

  124. Karissa Says:

    spending my first mother's day visiting my husbands family and then my family. and I hope to get something nice..but if i am getting something I have no idea when DH is going shopping.

  125. Sarah J. Says:

    I am spending Mother's Day at the in-laws... not by choice. At least I will be with my boys and I get a new sewing machine!!! :)

  126. Colie Says:

    I will be just hanging out at home on Mother's Day. We're not doing anything special this mother's day because Hubby has to work. :-/

  127. Mrs. Biller Says:

    I'll be spending my first mother's day relaxing with my hubby and baby girl. Wish I could see my own mom, but she lives out of town! Can't wait to just relax with my family.

  128. Doodlersnick14 Says:

    My mom, my son, and myself will be spending the day at the zoo!

  129. Amanda Says:

    Oh, what an amazing Mother's Day gift this would be! I'm spending Mother's Day with my boys, hubby and dad, but my own mama will be on the other side of the country with my sister.

  130. amber Says:

    With my in laws for brunch.

  131. jennifer Says:

    i will be spending mothers day working on a ton of homework :(

  132. Talia Says:

    I will be spending mother's day with my family, after sleeping in!

  133. Amylnitrite Says:

    More than likely doing laundry and wrangling a wild baby!

  134. rache81 Says:

    I will be spending it with my boys and my hubby. Hopefully sleeping in but I doubt it.

  135. Kiley P. Says:

    I will be spending it at my daughter's dance recital.

  136. Sarah Says:

    Either at my parents' house or at the movies with my husband.

  137. Chany Says:

    I will be spending Mother's Day at home with my 3 boys!

  138. zookeeper Says:

    I will be spending the day doing regular things at home with my kids.
    zootastic at peoplepc dot com

  139. eva biggs Says:

    No plans right now for mother's day. Probably home with my family having a cookout.

  140. Mrs. P Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's Day with my husband and 20 month old son. First we have church, my choice of lunch, then my 36 week appointment to see how my second son is doing :)

  141. Genevieve Says:

    celebrating my sons 5th birthday. because i am a mama.

  142. Ishibishi Says:

    I will be spending it with my daughter my mother and mother-in law and my husband

  143. HCeallaigh Says:

    church... then a suprise??

  144. Stacey T Says:

    We'll be dedicating our daughter at our church.

  145. Jeniffer Smith Says:

    We'll be at church, including breakfast! And then...probably just chilling out with my husband and baby girl. :) Last year, we dedicated our daughter and visited my family.

  146. DBUPatriotPrincess Says:

    Attending church and a wedding

  147. Sleppery Says:

    We will be going to the beach at low tide to get a glimpse of ocean critters after breakfast! <3

  148. charychild Says:

    We're going to spend the day in Seattle shopping for dinner: Pike's Place for fish, Big John's PFI for cheese, and vegetables at the farmers market.

  149. Michelle Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's Day at our oldest daughter's soccer tournament.

  150. Michelle D Says:

    we are having the in laws down for the weekend. Hubby and my father in law are going to watch the kids AND build them a sandbox while my mother in law and i go shopping :D

  151. Angela Vullo Says:

    We are going out to have a Mother's Day breakfast! Yum!

  152. Anonymous Says:
    Picking up my soldier brother from the airport after having not seen him for a year!!!

  153. The Secret Life of a SAHM Says:

    Hopefully in bed with starbucks;-)

  154. Kendal Says:

    Hubby is watching the baby and I am getting my hair done and a pedicure, followed by a nice picnic in the park :)

  155. Rach (DonutsMama) Says:

    I plan on relaxing and NOT cooking!

  156. Christine M Tubbytelly Says:

    I will probably be baking muffins to take over to my parents to spend the afternoon.

  157. Carly Says:

    I will be spending mothers day relaxing and getting ready for the new addition (coming in June!)

  158. about pollyanna Says:

    Want to go to church but maybe dinner not sure will see what the hubby does??

  159. Zephyr Hill Says:

    Will be going to church and then spending the rest of the day with all my "mothers" (mine, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law)!

  160. Evil-Termite Says:

    We decided to make Saturday my day and are going Hiking. Sunday we have church and then are seeing my mother-in-law in the afternoon to celebrate however she chooses.

  161. Brandy Anderson Says:

    I will be spending mothers day with my kids and hubby. We will probably go to to the park.

  162. Christine Jessamine Says:

    i am going out to lunch for mothers day!

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  163. Amber Thompson Says:

    The actual Mother's Day I will probably be at home with my hubby and kids. I am however going to the zoo on Saturday to celebrate and it's also my birthday!

  164. 4 Crazy Kids...and a Cloth Diaperin' Mama Says:

    Going to church and Sunday school, and then back home to do nothing! My kids and hubby are going to wait on my hand and foot so I can sit with my feet up and just enjoy! Wow, that's a dream! Actually, spending the day with my family and then going to my hubby's parents for supper.

  165. Melinda C Says:

    Having a cookout with my mom and grandma and spending time with my baby =)

  166. Dani Says:

    Spending the morning with my hubby and son and then having my mom and mother and father in law over for dinner.

  167. Tanya Bright Says:

    Hopefully have some yummy lunch and not much else!

  168. chels Says:

    I will be going out for a nice brunch with the family. Chelsea W

  169. Breanne Says:

    I think my friend is still taking me out to dinner since it's my birthday.

  170. Christina Says:

    I don't have anything planned, really. Just going to be spending time with my wonderful husband and son! I'm hoping I'll at least get a break to go for a run by myself though ;)

    cmcosman at yahoo dot com

  171. Courtney Amber Morgan Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's Day at home sewing diapers, daddy is stationed 3,000 miles away and my own mother is flying out of town on vacation tomorrow for a month or so.

  172. Cassy Says:

    I will be spending the day with my two boys (3 yrs and 4 month old) and my husband. Then later we are going to have lunch/dinner with my husbands family.

  173. Nichole Says:

    This year we will be grilling out at home. If the weather is nice we'll plant sunflowers in the evening with my three year old. Plus I have been promising her a special space for her strawberry maybe we'll play in the dirt! Now...if I can just get my 8 month old to have mischief free day...he he! ;)

  174. susan Says:

    This is my first Mother's Day! I'll be serving in church nursery, followed by a typical Sunday dinner with lots of my in-laws … especially looking forward to the afternoon with just my husband and son!

  175. Becky Says:

    there's a very good chance i may spend mother's day in labor ;) otherwise, relaxing at home with my husband and 2-year-old.

  176. Jenny K Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's Day sleeping in!

  177. KatieO Says:

    We will be having a lazy day at home!

  178. Instant Family of 4 Says:

    Spending mother's day with my sweet little boys and husband. :)

  179. Sissy Says:

    Not sure what my husband has planned, aside from yummy Thai delivery. But will be enjoying the day with my beautiful daughter and husband. =)

  180. Julie Says:

    I have to work at a dance recital for most of the day, but we will be having a nice breakfast together!

  181. Mayla Moore Says:

    I'll be celebrating with my three amazing boys!

  182. Joana Arteaga Says:

    bbq with my family

  183. ~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* Says:

    We are going to church and then out to eat lunch (no dishes or cooking for me!)

  184. Amy Says:

    We have a lunch planned with my mother in law and the whole family :)

  185. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately will be spending my first Mother's Day alone w/ baby. Sometimes being a military family stinks!

    Hannah D

  186. Nikki Says:

    Th family is going out to brunch and I am pseudo celebrating my first moms day as an expecting mo to be anyways

  187. Neva hurlbut Says:

    I will spend the day with my mom and my daughter.

  188. Jerrica Says:

    I will be first do some grocery shopping and buying gifts for my mom and his. And then we will be having dinner at my moms (my family and I)

  189. Zach Says:

    At my mother in law's---ugh. At least I won't be making the meal! And honestly she'll probably entertain the baby.

  190. Rebekah {honeyandcheese} Says:

    Spending the day relaxing with my husband . . . writing out our "finalized" birth plan, and adding a few last items to my hospital bag. Then we're teaching a ballroom dance lesson before we take his mom out to dinner. :)

  191. Momof Magnus Says:

    Church, then snuggles with my family

  192. Mistie B. Says:

    I'll be spending Mother's Day working and with my daughter afterwards!

  193. Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity Says:

    Not sure yet how I'm going to spend Mother's Day... I'd really love it if my husband took my son out somewhere and let me get some peace and quiet! lol! Thanks for the giveaway. :-)
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

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