Pics and Progression Notes: 17 - 20 Weeks

Monday, July 23, 2012 7:50 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama

17 Weeks: HEARTBURN!!!! Yep. It's here with a vengeance! I had it terribly with my other pregnancies, and this time around doesn't seem to be any different, except that is has started earlier in the pregnancy than usual.

I FINALLY got to see my doctor for the first time! I LOVE her! I have had female OB/GYN's in the past and had terrible experiences with them, so I was a little hesitant at first when I realized this doctor is female. But she is awesome and I am so glad that I ended up at her office :) The appointment went great - heard the heartbeat a couple of different times during the visit which is always awesome! I have gained about 10 lbs so far this pregnancy, my pre-preg weight was 125lbs and I'm about 136lbs now :) I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, so I am super excited about that! 

(please excuse the tiny mess in the background haha :) )


18 weeks: Ultrasound day!! Finally went in for our first ultrasound, which also ended up being the gender reveal ultrasound! Ryan and the kids went with me :) Everything looks awesome for our new little PRINCESS!! Yes, IT'S A GIRL!! YAY!

And here's me :)

And, we FINALLY told everyone!! Whew! Felt so good to tell my friends and family :)

More to come!
19 Weeks: It has been one HOT Summer!! I already tend to feel hot all the time normally, but add on summer and a pregnancy and it is absolute misery haha! Definitely been having a hard time cooling down during the day, but lots of water and fresh fruit has been helping :)

The kids are really excited about their baby sister! Noah likes to look at her ultrasound picture :) Riley has been going through her own clothes and said she is keeping the small clothes for her baby sister :) And both of them have been learning how to fold and prep diapers - they like how tiny their sister's diapers are compared to Noah's lol.

My next doctor's appointment will be next week to go over the ultrasound and such :)

Not quite 20 weeks yet in this picture, but I loved Noah in this one :)


20 Weeks: The halfway mark!! Yay! Been feeling really good lately. Definitely need to get more exercise though! Been feeling a tad sluggish, and I know some additional walks around the neighborhood would definitely help. Been thinking about names for babygirl, but nothing solid yet!

Had a follow up appointment to go over the ultrasound and blood work, and everything looks great! My due date hasn't changed, although I did measure 22 weeks instead of 20 weeks (but that could be because of a million different reasons - nothing to be concerned about). I weighed in at 140 lbs, so I gained about 4 lbs since my last appointment - yikes! I was advised to add some additional walking/exercise time into my week lol.

I am carrying super low, which is very uncomfortable. I carried low with Noah as well, and it was miserable! A lot of pressure on the bladder and hips. Although, at this point it is still nice to be able to breathe and not have baby movement all in the ribs and such (but I am sure that will change once she is bigger).

One weird thing that is happening (and it may not even be pregnancy related, although I kind of hope it is), is that my right index finger feels like it has arthritis! Every morning, it is super swollen and tender at the joints. I can barely move it or straighten it. It gets a little looser throughout the day, but not really. It has the feeling of when you jam your finger, yet I didn't injure it. Could this be gout? Whatever it is, I hope it subsides soon or at least after this pregnancy.

OOPS! I forgot to take a 20 week picture! 

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