Pics and Progression Notes: 4 - 16 Weeks

Monday, July 23, 2012 8:14 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama
With my first 2 pregnancies, I hardly took any pictures and I never wrote anything down about it. I did journal for a bit after both kids were born - milestones and such. But never anything while I was still pregnant. Now that I have a blog, I want to use it to keep track of this beautiful time in my life with my third (and possibly final) pregnancy. I really should have started taking pictures much earlier, but the earliest I have is from when I was 12 weeks, so I will start there with the photos :)

I really don't have anything to report as far as symptoms because I haven't really had any. No morning sickness (thank God). No food cravings yet. Maybe a few food aversions for a short amount of time (chicken was yucky to me for about a week), but now everything sounds pretty good lol. The only thing that stood out for me was between 4 - 7 weeks along, I was extremely dizzy and exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Headaches galore. Breathless. But that all subsided by around 8 weeks. Also around that time (somewhere around the 6 or 8 week mark) my clothes started to not fit anymore! Yikes!

Here we go!
*12 weeks: Feeling great (yet feeling big, and at this point I was not telling anyone about this pregnancy yet)

*Skipped a few weeks of photos and such, sorry :(

*15 weeks: Still feeling awesome! And still not telling anyone about the pregnancy until after our 1st appointment, which will be after 17 weeks :) 

I seriously need some new clothes! NOTHING fits anymore - even my "big jeans" do not fit any longer. 
I need some summer clothes! It is HOT! 

I'm pretty sure I felt movement - although I'm also pretty sure it could have also been gas lol. With my 1st pregnancy I felt movement at 23 weeks (she was super tiny so it took a little longer to feel her moving). With my second, I felt movement somewhere between 18-20 weeks. 

(I apologize for the poor photo quality on this one!)


*16 weeks: Feeling wonderful. I have been intentionally eating as many whole and raw foods as possible. With my first pregnancy with Riley, I ate basically whatever I wanted, but most of what I wanted was good for me - salads, tons of fruit, smoothies, etc. With my second pregnancy, I ate terrible lol! Anything fried, greasy, or spicy was a go! I remember feeling yucky most of the time and I gained a lot more weight than I probably should have. And it also took me forever to lose the weight once I had Noah. So this time around, even before I became pregnant, I have been making a conscious decision every day to eat very heart healthy and drink tons of water, and get exercise when I can, and I can really feel the difference. I still drink coffee everyday and definitely splurge now and then, but overall, I feel much healthier this time around. 

I have been feeling definite movement this week! I remember this feeling very well. Mostly at night, or when I'm laying down, or when I eat/drink something cold :)

I have my 1st doctor's visit next week and am so excited! It has been hard to keep this pregnancy under wraps when just about everyone else around me has announced their pregnancies!

(again, with the crappy photo quality)

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