Sensory Fun With Spaghetti

Friday, January 13, 2012 2:24 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama
This was a fun sensory activity! You can get really creative and use all kinds of different objects with the spaghetti noodles. Our sensory bins need to be replaced, so for now we used their old infant bath tub :)

First, the kids got to feel the spaghetti before it was cooked.

 Riley has to smell everything.

 So then Noah does the same :)

Ready to cook our noodles!

One at a time.....

 We FINALLY got all of their noodles in!
I went ahead and threw in the rest of the package.

We grabbed about 1/2 of the cooked spaghetti, and left the rest for later on. Again, we have to replace our broken sensory bins, so we are using their old infant tub! You can really use any kind of bin or container that you have on hand :)
Time to play!

 We went ahead and threw in a few blocks for some added textures and fun!

 Noah really got a good laugh at how it feels!

Spaghetti everywhere!

Noah absolutely loved and laughed so much at the way the spaghetti feels when it is squished in his hands and in between his fingers.

Riley wanted a taste :)

 After a quick cleanup, I tossed the leftover 1/2 that I set aside with marinara sauce and the kids ate spaghetti for lunch!

Get creative with sensory activities! You could use toy cars, action figures, different noodles, blocks, basically anything that can be easily cleaned up in the sink or outside with the hose! Have fun exploring!

~Lovely Fluffy Mama