Nesting.....But Not Really

Monday, January 9, 2012 2:18 PM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama
No. I'm not pregnant. But I do have the sudden urge to clean the mess out of my house - literally. It's like I can't concentrate on anything else until I get all of this nonsense either out of here or organized! I'm usually a procrastinator with this kind of stuff, but it just feels so darn good to get it done that it is worth the hassle of just doing it! The trick is keeping up with it after it is finished :)

Yes, having kids at home all day makes it difficult and a little frustrating at times to keep a clean home. But, it CAN be done. You just gotta put those kids to work! 

They can vacuum....

They can help with the dishes...

They can do laundry...

They LOVE to clean toilets! 
Wait, is that a cell phone he is cleaning with?

You can catch a good nap while the kids are cleaning!
Ok, so of course I'm kidding (kind of), but wouldn't that be nice?! 

There really are a lot of things that your kids can do to help around the house. They can keep their toys and rooms organized, help you fold and put away laundry, use their own mini-broom and sweep the floors, wipe down the table, put their dishes in the sink when they are finished using them, etc. And if they are older kids, (I dunno, say anything older than 6), then that opens up a whole new list of wonderful things they can do around the house - wash windows, vacuum, dust, mop the floors, clean out the refrigerator, change out light bulbs, fix the leaky toilet, paint the porch, install the new privacy fence - oh wait! I think I let my imagination get away from me for a minute. Sorry about that. Back to reality. 

Since I don't have my little child laborers to help me today, (they are Benadryl'd up today after some nasty encounters with about 100 million mosquitoes last night) I am taking on this crazy cleaning and organizing necessity solo. Wish me luck! Have a great Monday everyone!

~Lovely Fluffy Mama