My Dream Wedding

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 9:58 AM Posted by Lovely Fluffy Mama

  Happy Birthday and Anniversary

Ryan! I Love you!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary, as well as Ryan's 26th birthday, so OF COURSE I'm going to write a blog about it! I'll start by explaining that yes, our anniversary and Ryan's birthday are on the same day. You see, Ryan has trouble remembering important dates, so we figured that if we were married on his birthday, he would be more likely to remember our anniversary - so far so good ;)

We were married in the Florida Keys - one of my all time favorite places to be. More specifically, we were married in Islamorada, at the beautiful and wonderfully accommodating Coconut Cove Resort. We looked at several venues, but this one had the most genuine, honest, down to earth, and respectful owners, Paul and Magda Bates. They let us sit in on a couple of weddings, and then at a later date invited us to attend a company party at the resort while we were passing through the Keys. They made us feel like family. We just knew this was the place for us!

Plus, they have palm trees surrounded by hearts - how cute!

Typically, the average temp for Islamorada in January is 74*, perfect! So, in my mind, this is what I was thinking since the weather would be so nice....

Ok, maybe not. But I'll tell you what I wasn't thinking - I certainly wasn't thinking that the weekend of my wedding, the Keys would have the coldest temps since 1850-something (seriously, it really did set some record lows that weekend - like temps in the 40's!) and that my guests would be freezing!! 

Notice the hoodie and the turtle neck sweater.

Notice the statuesque "I'm completely frozen" poses, and the "I am freezing my booty off right now" looks on our faces.

And then there's my mother-in-law with Grandad Les - he came in from England for the wedding - he's from ENGLAND and even HE was cold! lol

But, the most amazing thing happened during the ceremony, when the clouds started to roll away (oh, I forgot to mention that it was also raining that day) and the sky began to clear, making room for this....

I knew everything was going to be just fine :) Yes, it was cold, but once the reception got going, people started getting all loosey-goosey and ridiculous and I am pretty sure they didn't even notice the cold :)

I'm pretty sure I wasn't cold haha

And hands down, the BEST food I have ever had! So, even though it was record-breaking cold, and it rained a little, and at times people were freezing, this was truly my DREAM WEDDING come true!! So, again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! I LOVE YOU!

~ Jess